Hello there! We are Melodic Music.

Melodic Music is a boutique music management company based in Melbourne, Australia. Industry veteran, Sam Panetta, who has produced artists such as Kylie Minogue, Crowded House and Kids in the Kitchen, founded Melodic Music in 2001 to provide full-service management for emerging Australian artists.

Melodic has an impressive history, with artists such as Kisschasy, Howl, Stealing O’Neal, Godwolf, Valerie and Angela’s Dish having been under the Melodic umbrella. Presently Melodic Music manages an exciting and passionate group of creative artists; including Harry Carman, Justina Ravi, Travis McCarthy and Parmy Dhillon.  As part of Melodic Music’s suite of services, we also offer a consultation service on all aspects of the music industry for artists.

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Under full management is an exciting group of creative talent.

Parmy Dhillon

Justina Ravi

Travis McCarthy

Harry Carman

Parmy Dhillon is a Melbourne singer/songwriter who weaves his acoustic guitar across multiple genres into a range of different songs, each with an angry and aggressive undercurrent. Vulture Magazine described Parmy’s 2014 EP ‘Hollywood or Home’ as displaying a blend of “light, shade, musicianship, and progression”; and in 2017 Parmy returns with his new EP. 

 The new EP delivers a collection of raw and honest tracks that will make you want to sing out loud and enjoy this collection of songs for a long time. 

Justina Ravi may only be beginning her music career, but the passion and empathy she pours into her writing and singing have already seen her perform around the world and develop a quickly growing collection of fans online.

Growing up in Singapore, she spent much of her childhood performing nationally and internationally before moving to Australia at the age of 14.

Since then she’s been writing and performing her own music, drawing inspiration from pop icons such as Adele, Taylor Swift, and Shawn Mendes to create her own unique brand of pop music. Justina’s goal for anyone who hears her music is that it gives them drive in life, to be fearless and optimistic.
Justina’s debut single ‘Say You’ll Stay’ is available online now.

A 22 year-old Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist from Victoria, Australia.

Influenced by many different music styles; including pop, jazz, folk and electronica.

He recently completed a Diploma Of Music Performance at JMC Academy, Melbourne, and plays gigs around the city.

Being compared to the likes of James Bay, Passenger, and Ed Sheeran, Canberra born Harry Carman writes unashamedly about life. Wearing his heart on his sleeve he couples catchy and fun melodies with deep, heart-wrenching, and brutally honest lyrics that many a singer/songwriter would be afraid to touch.

Harry’s goal is to deliver music that gives audiences the chance to consider different perspectives of life, all whilst delivering an infectious musical experience.